Wednesday, July 26, 2017

5 Tips on how to keep your Dorm Space Clean

Ideas on improving your dorm space... well you always want to keep it lady or guy friendly... ever have that night when someone you are interested in is wants to come over and they live eons away? How about you two have been tossing hints all night and although you are catching and eating the signs like hot cakes your dorm space is still a wreck from the night before (players only) or from the week of hell and hard work that resulted with no time to clean... I think we have all seen nights like these... the next morning don't bother calling them because they have probably either misplaced your number, got back with their chump of an ex, forgot all about meeting you, well, some of you can catch my drift... well tell you what... Keep the dorm space clean and this won't happen to you but for now here are some tips...

1. Pick up throughout the week so when Friday comes all you have to do is place the scented candles in there rightful places and light the incense sticks. There is nothing that will say your space is complete like a fresh scent added to lively up everything.

2. Do the dishes as you use them. Living in a dorm space, this one may not apply to you unless you have become a true "Chef Boyardee" wiht the microwave or the "Foreman" that sits under your hiding creatively under your bed. Stop waiting until the final hour get the dishes done, as you use them, meaning after that long stretch of eating that nice meal get yourself up and moving, plus doing the dishes will help you eliminate that "crash" time. Never sleep on a full stomach after a meal.

3. Keep the toys in one central location. All you need is your private toy sitting baitingly under the couch cushion or "not so soft" matress as you are trying to seduce your future "train wreck" of a significant other. I use "Train Wreck" because it is just that much harder to meet someone who is a true genuine person these days, but then again who wants that?

4. Ok so, it's very important to be yourself... right! right! so maybe don't hide all the magazines but rather hide the incriminating ones and leave one "Female/ Male humor" magazine out and about inbetween the GQ, Essence, Men's Health, People, Cosmo, Business Week, Real Estate Now and The INC. magazines. Let them know that you have style, passions, class and all that good stuff. After all we are all still in college seeking professional careers. This may apply unless you have settled for the professional student route. The magazines people read say more than they think about them. Hey, if you do not think so try dating the woman that is engulfed in the those fashion magazines or the chap that enjoys the adult magazines for the articles.

5. Make the dorm space enjoyable, then and only then you will want to keep it clean. A boring space is a dirty space. Sometimes rearranging furniture can make a heck of a difference. Add a Bean bag chair or a Poofbags foof chair they tend to say that you know how to have fun and enjoy your surroundings. Hell, I bought two myself and honestly people love them. Ever find that person down the hall that keeps coming in your room, not necessarily to see you but to take food or play video games or SIT IN YOUR CHAIR? wth? Well, knowing that your dorm space is enjoyed by others why not keep it clean. Women will love it because it is clean unlike all of her other male friends and guys will love it because it is more than just the typical female's room
Enjoy ladies and chaps and limit the odds of missing out on what can possibly be the best time of your life... of course always be selective of the people you invite to your space, it can easily turn into the night from hell... with you babysitting your friend because he's too, one to many in the hole and passed out on your Poofbags wedge.
Source: Attraktion Blog

Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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How to Get Brainwave Entertainment FREE!!!

What if you were able to change your state of mind in minutes, jumping from sadness to relaxed, from depressing to happy and organized. Being able to obtain a certain level of therapy in a matter of minutes, without the drive, and scheduled appointments. I can attest that meditation does work, and this is not by any means your average method to obtaining peace of mind.
Getting focused in today's society seems to be a lot harder than remaining focused. So the website states that you will become happier, achieve restful sleep without the use of medication, all by clicking play.
That’s what the producers of a new brainwave program are claiming. Merely slip on your headphones, listen to a little enticing audio, and watch your mental state shift – all within minutes.
Sounds like something from the Twilight Zone, so I definitely had to check it out.

Exploring the Brain Salon
Brain SalonWhile sitting on my fur chairs, I first heard about the Brain Salon, it captured my attention instantly. Who could resist being able to control how they feel – just by listening to a little audio?
The BrainSalon contains six 30-minute audio sessions, each of which claim to bring about a specific state of mind.Inside the Brain Salon box, you’ll find CDs containing sessions for creativity, deep sleep, energy, focus, relaxation – there’s even a session for boosting your happiness levels.
You can download a free demo of RazorSharp 'Focus' for a solid MP3 sample of what to expect.
All you have to do is slip on your headphones, play the session for you – and watch your state change, on-demand. At least, that’s what the bright orange CD sleeve said. So, I decided to give it a go.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Comfort Contest

The good folks at The Beef Jerky Blog are hosting their first comfort contest ever giving away fuf chairs to two lucky winners…

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The Annual "After Christmas Low Ball Sale"

December 26, 2006

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